I am your master!
Vital statistics
Title Chosen one
Gender Male
Race God like being
Faction Genesis
Health Higher than the memory capacity of this wiki
Level Beyond what the human mind can sustain
Status Ruling
Location Land down under

Devogen was born many eons ago when God crapped out a bundle. This bundle was more powerful than Jesus, so God made sure humanity never knew about it. He gave this bundle to the Aborigines to take care of, because they had enough "awesomeness" to contain this secret, unlike the rest of the world. When the British convicts came to Australia many years later they attacked the Aborigines whom Devo protected since they took care of him. Devo used his god powers to turn the evil convicts into strange creatures and he tamed the rest and named them "Australians"! This is how Koalas and Kangaroos and Wombats came to be!


Devo now rules over all of Australia as its king and Genesis as its king. He dislikes Eclipse, soap, guitar hero, and idiots. He likes all things Aussie and heavy metal. If he doesn't like you, you better run. If Devogen has $5 and Chuck Norris has $6 then Devogen has more money.

He and Sylexus are good mates which is the only thing stopping him from destroying Phantasy.





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