Forty Days
Dance Dance Revoremix
Vital statistics
Title Singing Master
Gender Facial Hair
Race 8th note
Faction Phantasy
Health 1x26 to the 10th
Level same as health
Status <_< >_> <_>
Location North Antarctica


Forty Days joined WAAAAAYYY back about a month after Music. It's only through the fact that everyone involved in Phantasy is completely insane epic that he's stayed this long.


Forty is a lazy procrastinator that through some stroke of luck, assists Musicianguy in composing the music for Phantasy.



"How do you not? You nearly got decapitated twice,then you lost both of your arms and a leg to an angry polish dwarf."


  • Forty plays guitar, violin, occasionally piano, and sings
  • If you anger him he will end you with his ability to divide by zero
  • He owns a pet dragon by the name of Azoth

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