Link Edit

The Phantasy official community forum can be found here:

Original Forum Edit


The original Phantasy forum was created on November 29th, 2008. Exactly one week after the Organization was formed. This forum was closed to the public exactly one year after opening. The forum's original layout remained the same throughout it's one year course acting as the forum before the switch. The color scheme was changed shortly before it closed. This is what the forum looked like on its last day open to the public:


The last days of the old forum.

Current Forum Edit


The new Phantasy forum is considered the official community forum. It opened to the public on December 1st, 2009. The forum features a brand new style and features available due to PhP. The forum upon release had an unfinished style to it with ads blocking out the Phantasy cube.

The second layout design


The beginning of the community forum.

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