In the sea of sand lies sanctity
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 1-5
Location Mid Ka'Dharok
Inhabitants Human

"In the sea of sand lies sanctity. The way of the archer is kept as tradition within this oasis" -Or'Omin Da'assok(Master elven Seeker)


On the large, arid, desert island known as the Ka'Dharok or “The Claw”, the town of Mahgrya lies secluded in the desert between the plateaus of Red’Nuht and Kaloway. Long ago, a mountain elf settlement was located here. Now, the area has been colonized by a branch of “The order of the dragon” specializing in archery. These master archers have devoted their lives to refining and training others in the art of archery. Many permanent residents of the town are bowyers and hunters who spend their days crafting unique and specialized bows that are considered to be the best in the world. Although many try to seek training from the masters of Mahgrya, only those who survive the deadly currents surrounding the immediate area and the many dangers of its deserts succeed. Therefore, it is well known that an archer trained in Mahgrya is nobody to be trifled with. Mahgryan archers often feel a special connection to the place, and often return to help out with training younger archers, hunting for the town food stores, or fending off the Maddigan Gang Bandits who hide in the mountains.




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