Musician Guy
"Because I play Bassoon"
Vital statistics
Title Musical Legend
Gender Male
Race Presumed instrument
Faction Phantasy
Health 102203809214710
Level 1
Status Pwning
Location I dunno


MusicianGuy, also known as Music, is a pretty cool guy. He doesn't really do much, mostly because he is a lazy whore with little motivation. However, as his username suggests, he does have an affinity for music and appreciates arts in general. His friends know him for being totally out of line and making social situations awkward sexy. It was a complete coincidence that he ever found Phantasy, but he has enjoyed the ride so far. All you really need to know about him is that he is typically a laid back guy that likes to have fun.



Music will just heal him, destroy all pianos within the vicinity then attempt to gouge him with a dull rusted copper spoon



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