Placeholder person
That darn mammal
Vital statistics
Gender Unknown (presumably male)
Race Possum Human hybrid
Faction Phantasy
Health 8999
Level  ???
Status Playing dead
Location Where possums are

Pokepossum is one of the original members of Phantasy Entertainment, acting as support and resident possum of the group.


An awesome possum person who is very leet!!!!!!!11 He is very immature and is very lazy, unlike the elusive Blackfooted Eel. One day he had to save the world from evil space twzzlers from attacking the president before he was born!!! His narwhal friend, Kathulu helped him and used his pimpalicious kung fu moves to evaporate the worlds water until today. (Kathulu died in -2838 B.C.) Now he's trying to stop his eternal pwning to save the world and Al Gore from global warming. He also trained Pokepossum to be as leet as he is now!!! When Pokepossum was 2 years old, he met Sylexus and decided to partner up and dissintargreate evil!!! Because of Sylexus being the king of possums, he passed on the crown to Pokepossum because Poke was too annoying, hence the reason for "possum" in his name! Now he hangs out on the forum like the little lard he is and rot his lives away with twinkies and Shasta Twist (lemon soda).

His religion is based around the Sweet Leaf Old Lady whom he treats as a god and does ritual dances to appease her.


Only a Bare and cat Durid can take out the mighty possum, much teamwork is required, if he calls his rescue owls or summons Kathulu from the dead then he wins.

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