Vital statistics
Title The so called NJ Devel!
Gender Male
Race Sasquatch
Faction Phantasy
Health 1 and a half!
Level 2 elite
Status eating cake!
Location In your mom's basement

Sasquatch is a hairy beast! Discovered by the evil and elusive The Blackfooted Eel. He is a very sexy beast and all the ladies luv him! They all go liek OMG LOLZZZZ! and wanna get funky with him.


Sasquatch was founded by The Blackfooted Eel. He was held as a slave and minion to Eel so Eel can take over the omniverse with a single toothpick. But Eel knew about Pokepossum's existence and had to get rid of him while reading mind control books! But pokepossum was too stupid to be mind controled so he saved Sasquatch from an evil space slug (you know what i'm talking about ;) ) and became good friends... Then eel admited that pokepossum was more mature than he was and became friends... but not with pokepossum!!!


He is a very hairy sexy beast.


Throw a profiterole at his face and feed him to Gadmosikano while he's down!!!



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