awesome twin, part duex
Vital statistics
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Gender female
Race Human to some extent
Faction Phantasy
Health 9001
Level something higher than yours
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Sophismata is the most recent staff member of Phantasy entertainment, she likes porcupine and dislikes stalkers. As far as she knows, Gadmosikano is her only stalker.


Sophismata lives with her wife, dogs, and cats near the restaurant at the end of the universe and attends the most awesome school on the planet. She once decided to entertain herself by making a yellow circle thing eat dots and run away from badly pixeled ghosts. She got bored with it and sold the idea to some guy she saw at a pizza shop.


Like her wife, there is no known way to defeat Sophismata. You could possibly try hugging her, but she'll glare you into submission until you forget the notion entirely.



  • Sophismata is aromantic/asexual, which does not refer to her method of reproduction.
  • She has a girl crush on Eva Green.
  • Her favorite book is the House of Leaves.
  • She occasionally writes music in addition to drawing and writing.

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