Soviet coat of arms
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Humanoid
Faction Phantasy
Health Infinity
Level who cares?
Status something
Location Probably in his bed, sleeping

Sylexus is the creator and original member (duh) of Phantasy Entertainment. He created the website, wiki, youtube channel, storylines, copyrights, Mozzarella, Doughnut holes, and the pacific ocean. He is the only member who has actually put money into the projects currently (though that will change soon :D).


Sylexus was born in 2009 (on November 22nd) but he traveled back in time 200 years to grow up again (in the 2020's time machines are very common necessities), he created the company when he found a gullible fool named Eel to aid him in his goal of complete worldwide internet domination, Eel agreed as long as he didn't have to do work.

Since then Sylexus has denied the existence of higher beings (many times), eaten some chutney, created the pacific ocean, beat up a beaver with a 20 year old cucumber, listened to some alternative music, acquired an autograph of a guy named Hayao Miyazaki, sold 20 dollars worth of Christmas stocking full of lumps of coal, enslaved 11 people to do his bidding, won a go-kart race in northern greenland, went around the world in 79 days and 2 minutes, strung a ukulele with his tongue while petting an umu with his left foot, and played 32 different MMORPG's. A typical lifestyle for any Epic Skylander.



Poke his belly button REALLY HARD with a red hot pokey thing. Then feed him to a hungry Invisible pink unicorn. If this does not work then you fail at life and no cake for you.


"All your game is belong to us"


"Cake = Lie, Potato = Truth"


Sylexus has a revolving pistol named "BOB THE SCOURGE".

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