Where the path begins...
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 1-5
Location NW Algaron
Inhabitants Human

"At the top of the world, the bears are larger than houses, the Roc's roam free, and the Yetis roar rings out throughout the land. The perfect place for a warrior's journey to begin" -D’racon Hori (Elven Blademaster)


Near the northern pole of the world lies an icy peninsula, a barren tundra inhabited mostly by giant frost bears, gargantuan rocs and the occasional wandering polar jackelope. But, many years ago, a small band of elves looking for seclusion so they might perfect the art of war, journeyed out to this icy wasteland, and founded a town at the peninsula’s tip. This town, called Taishu, was completely devoted to the study of war and weaponry. The one of the mountain elves greatest smiths resided there, forging the extravagant and deadly designs of the ingenious elven weapons master, D’racon Hori. Inside the underground war sanctum, stretching for miles under the tundra and sea, the master strategists General L’theron Orthemar and General Yalsrim V’alyar Planned out flawless strategies for battles. Unfortunately, one year ago, most of the war sanctum collapsed when the arcanist providing it’s magical supports was killed by a human assassin. This tragedy also caused the disturbance of many miles of land and seabed, and destroyed nearly half of the above ground town. These days, warriors of all corners of the world come there to seek out training from the human war-masters who now live there. Very few of these candidates actually get the training, the best of them being selected during the “Northern trials”, a contest held every full moon. From every contest, two winners are picked, and are allowed to study under the war masters for a year. Unfortunately, many of these students are impatient, and go out to seek their fortune without completing their training, So the war masters sent out agents to many major cities and towns, where they give further training to wandering warriors. Occasionally, warriors receive a call back to Taishu to receive tasks from their masters. These can range from fending off an attacking pack of ice wolves, to picking a side in a world wide conflict. The human masters who reside in taishu form an order known as “The order of the dragon”, and often decide the fate of a war by the side they choose.




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