The Blackfooted Eel
Vital statistics
Title Eels don't have feet
Gender Male
Race Human?
Faction Phantasy
Health 12981937012371346209
Level  ???
Status Cursing at his terrible computer
Location In his cat's litter box

The Blackfooted Eel was the first person to start Phantasy entertainment with Sylexus way back in 2005. He is apparently a deepsea electrical snake with soot covered and burned feet. He was born in the year of 1987318693 which is something like how much HP he has (seeing as he is immune to all diseases).


Eel is the only member in Phantasy lazier than Sylexus, Gadmosikano, and J-man combined, he doesn't show it outwardly though, he uses his awful computer as his excuse (but everyone knows he's just in it for the free food).

He despises spammers such as the ones he invited to the forum (Dr. Evil), and immature fools such as pokepossum. Most of all he hates owls, which constantly gnaw on his face, and wishes to summon an army of black cats to eat all the owls in the world.

He likes to complain about his pet dinosaur, lovingly named REX, despite having a pet android (most likely RAY) on the floor next to REX. He refuses to install RAY because Arsenal Gear's AI isn't ready yet I need scissors 61. He has an outward show of love towards VerusMaya II but doesn't like people knowing about it.



Hope there are SWAT teams nearby. Then taunt him by asking him when he made out with Verus. He will then attack the SWAT teams until he finishes with them. If they are not around you better run.



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