A rogue's first stop
Vital statistics
Type Town
Level 1-5
Location NE Swamprat Isle
Inhabitants Human

"Within that hive lies only scum" -Unidentified Elven merchant


Located on the northeastern tip of the middle of the 3 serpent tail isles, Droch’hissa (swamprat) isle, Udamo is a center of trainig and culture for every sort of rogue. Pirates often come here to spend their plunder, assasins cash in their kills, bandits sell spoils from a carvan raid and daimyos send out their ninja’s on daring missions. Surprisingly hard to find, Udamo is located on the coast of it’s islands thick jungles. It can be found inside Setag Nedlog’s cove, an amazing natural phenomenon that’s entrance can only be seen when you are inside or sailing through it. The city is currently controlled by “The Phantasm Syndicate”, a group of rogues and criminals dedicated to training others in their ways. The syndicate has agents all over the world, doing anything from collecting debts to starting wars, and everything in between. Even royal families have been known to hire syndicate members to carry out missions they deem to be too unsavory for their own hands. Most rogues are allied with this group, as most who aren’t don’t live very long.




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