VerusMaya II
Vital statistics
Title 75° crazy
Gender female (♀)
Race Awesome Twin
Faction Phantasy
Health π
Level over 9000
Status moonstruck
Location M-78

VerusMaya II is an admin on the Phantasy forums, as well as a manga artist, and is clearly one of the two most amazing people (the other being Sophismata, her wife) to grace the world with her presence.


In A.D. 2101, war was beginning. Not only did someone set up us the bomb, but VerusMaya burst into being, announced by electric guitar fanfare and simultaneous explosions. She rocked everyone so hardcore that they offered their free will in exchange for her eternal rule, but she rejected it in favor of joining Phantasy Entertainment and being awesome on a smaller scale. All your base probably belongs to her, but she'll let you keep it and your life as long as you remember her merciful nature and pray to her. She's very humble this way, as Chuck Norris demands much more from his occultists.

She knows Eel loves her, and secretly has a crush on him too. She would never tell her wife she was cheating on her though.


Currently one of the main artists on the manga stuff, VerusMaya also hopes to assist in the artistic aspect of Phantasy's games.


There is no known way to defeat VerusMaya, possibly because she is so cool. However, she is vulnerable to cats, but she is always able to get them out of harm's way before they can be used against her. Most likely, she'll tell them to scratch out the opponent's eyes. In plain English. And they will do it.


"Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly."

"Oh, I just met a wonderful new man -- he's fictional, but you can't have everything."


Is not straight up, but instead 75 degrees crazy.

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